A CHAIN OF EXCHANGES that took place at The Small Publisher's Fair, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square:
1. I exchanged my ‘Hello Kitty’ key ring (bought from a vending machine) for a small rubber duck. Rachel

2. I exchanged a sweet with a hallo kitty key ring!

3. I took the starburst sweet and swapped it for a one-eyed robin. Sarah

4. I took a robin (one eyed variety) which I’ll give to my friend James who’s distorted some bird sounds. I gave a poetry book based on word leaves.

5. I gave my favourite windup penguin and took Zara’s giraffe word leaves artist book.

6. I’ve taken a one legged penguin in exchange for 50p

7. I gave a winning scratchcard worth £1 in exchange for 50p piece

8. I exchanged some particles of money portions for an unclaimed lottery ticket

9. I swapped a bead for shredded money it’s all worth something


Come back soon to see further exchanges made at the Small Publisher's Fair

11/20/2011 11:28:38 pm

I got a green & white circular betting chip. I don't go to casinos, so will never find out where to "spend" it. Instead I plan to use it to make and artist's book. Haven't worked out exactly how. usually, I let an idea like this gestate, somethimes for months, even years. Eventually the idea slots into place, often along with other related concepts. Sometimes I take embossings from objects like this.
I think I got and gave value with my exchange. I've explained how I'll use the token. The item I gave in exchange was a ticket for the wonderful exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts from the royal collection that had just started at the British Library. I hope my (used) ticket will have alerted others to this must-see exhibition.

11/21/2011 05:07:41 pm

Thanks for your comments Mike. Your exchange was in a short chain:
Three black hooks
Plastic syringe
Betting chip
British Library Exhibition ticket (used)
Although your donation was not taken in London, it will go on to the next exchange at Delaware Center for Contempory Arts so come back in a few weeks to see what happens to it. It already prompted at least one person to go to the exhibition and caused some conversations.

11/24/2011 05:30:37 am

I swapped the Hello Kitty keyring for the duck! This is a very interesting experiment, i've enjoyed looking at what people have swapped.

11/29/2011 10:22:37 pm

It was fun to take part in this and be part of a chain of exchanges. I exchanged a short pink pencil, freely available at the recent Affordable Art Fair, for three used travelcards, total value £21.90. Of course the exchange isn't about monetary value ...

6/28/2023 07:47:30 am

Much appreciate you sharing this.


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