I took a brass latch to occupy my nervous hands. I have something to play with now! I left a cork to a bottle of Moscato. I have millions! 
I took a penny that was on heads for good luck. I left a light switch – on ‘off’.
I took a DV/MP4 player; my son will like playing with it. I left a doll toy.

I took a postcard and left a tiger balm.

I took a rock! And I left tabs from the hospital.

I left a bobby pin – found in every pocket, but never when I need one. I took a ceramic medallion for its color.

Left part of a jaw bone, of a young deer. Took a C-clamp.

I left a little Mermaid publicity photo from a press kit. My brother was a film critic and he died over 20 years ago from AIDS. It was his. Took a jaw bone.

I left a box that you can keep things in, which was made in the UK. I took a ticket stub to an exhibit in the British Library.

I exchanged a New York Peppermint Patty for a bandaid.

I exchanged a toy wooden train for a quilt maker’s business card.

Took $$ left golf tee.

Fortune cookie > took a quarter.

Vending machine toy > took old light bulb.

Took Christmas stickers and left a mini flower vase.

Left child’s gold elastic bracelet.

Left envelope called “Wendy”. Took fortune cookie.

Left chopsticks – took mood beads.

Left “A Friendly Gift for You.” Took “Dumb Shit Makes Money” pin. From the positive to the sarcastic.

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