I’ve exchanged a ribbon for a peg. 

Check ribbon taken. Hat elastic given

I took the hat elastic which I plan to wear as a bracelet...(what is hat elastic? I don’t wear hats). I left the key to my stolen bike and hope the person who takes the key will find my bike and it will be a gift instead of stolen goods x

I gave a plaster – a special long plaster for finger injuries as I have a cut finger making books for the Small Publisher’s Fair! I took a key to a stolen bike. 

I like see through things, seeing through layers. I gave a useful plastic bag. It made me think of the Winnie the Pooh book when Piglet and Pooh take presents to Eyore, a balloon which bursts and a pot of honey which gets eaten. 

I have taken a plaster which I shall put on my sore finger straight away.

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