Objects from Chicago, from the first Junk Swap were given out at BABE to exhibition visitors whom we asked to go and find corresponding objects from the streets of Bristol to trade in.
I found a piece of broken glass with brown stuff on the edge of the river Avon. I thought about taking a bottle top  instead but it was too manky and I felt it might be disrespectful to give dirty junk. I took a nail from Chicago because it was pretty. - Hepzibah

4 holes counter-sunk steel. ½” wide strap for repairing anything. Found on Bristol quay 20 April 2013 on my 82 birthday – after searching for 80 years. - Gordon

I donated a large brown button found in a gutter in Bristol some time ago. It spent some time in my pocket along with other found objects. It has been exchanged for a large rusty metal washer thing. - Julia

Shiny buttony clip thing found on College green. Taken: lighter top. 
- Sue

Small silver foil (used) swapped for dead headed bolt. - Mat


Gave: Gold bottle top squashed.

Got: I chose a kind of silver bathroom fitting. I collect a lot of junk. I keep some in jars and then I display the really good stuff in a type setting drawer that I have pinned to the wall called the ‘bits box’. This will go in the bits box.

- Wilf


Name on card cut out  - bit of a cheat - exchanged for a bit of steel cylinder.
- Mon

Donated from Bristol: small metal object, 3 holes 1pin. Exchanged for a Camping Heater Recall label (paper).
- Benoit aka ‘object’

£1 off sightseeing voucher found at caravan Club, Baltic Wharf. - J

Gave: A square of black plastic about 3cm x 3cm with raised writing on one side, found on the pavement near a large church.  I took a piece of cable thing with twisted metal one end and plastic the other end. I might throw it away. - Donna

Donated: found in Bristol: a shopping list found on the ground (perhaps in Victoria square?) today. - aem

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